Your Comfort is Our Business..

Our company was founded in 2019 in Naples, Florida to help those with Crohn's and IBS, who have difficulty wearing traditional belts. As we expanded, we also desired to make a no-buckle belt for kids with autism and focused on post surgery, wheelchair, and other health related needs.

Soon after launching, it became clear there were many other types of customers ordering our comfortable, ultra-light weight no buckle belts! Many recently lost weight or simply wanted to try a more comfortable belt alternative.

Within 3 years, BeltBro became the top-selling belt around the world used by fisherman, guitarists, car mechanics, truckers and so many others!

As a company with less than 10 employees, we believe in keeping things small and simple. We're here to help you feel more comfortable. If you have any questions that we can answer, we're here for you. 

100% handmade soap bar


Our Commitment

As a mission driven company, we offer a 100% money back guarantee to those who are not satisfied with their purchase. It's important for us to create relationships with our customers and service their needs for years to come.

"Helping people live more comfortably is not just a slogan, but something we take seriously," said Founder and CEO Josh Wex.  "Those effected with health issues need our belts the most, so it's important they are made to endure and function with continual use."

Our belts are eco-friendly and heat resistant.


"I spent 2 years and 17 prototypes to develop BeltBro.. Now we have 5 granted patents on its innovative design" says Inventor and CEO Josh Wex.

Did you know: BeltBro is the lightest belt in the world.. weighing less than one ounce!

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We Love Helping Customers Feel More Comfortable!

For Men, Women and Kids!

Great for Women!

Choose from black, grey, blue and brown.

Comfortable for Men!

Available in 3 sizes: 10" inches, 13" inches and 16" inches. 

You Won't Feel It!

We recommended wearing on each side for a more secure fit.

Perfect for Active People!

If you're sitting, driving or climbing a mountain, BeltBro holds strong.

Designed to Fit All Sizes! 

Adjusting your belt loops is a thing of the past! BeltBro is for all sizes, from kids to bigger guys and gals. We're happy to support anyone who desires comfort!

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