5 Reasons Why 600,000+ Switched to BeltBro No Buckle!

Hint: No more belt buckles poking and jabbing! (Great for men, women and kids)

1. Perfect for Airports, Driving, and All Other Activities!

BeltBro contains no metal, so it's perfect for airports. Our customers also love the feeling of using it on long drives and outdoor activities.

2. Patented Design Allows For Years Of Use

BeltBro has several patents on its unique design made from elastic, nylon and polyester, and also innovated an extremely strong hook and loop material that lasts years.

If you throw it into the washing machine, it will be fine!

3. No Need to Remove It For Quick Bathroom Trips!

Since BeltBro cinches to two belt loops on each side of your pants (or just one side if you prefer), when you need to make a quick restroom trip you just keep it on. No need to remove it.

4. 100% Money Back Guarantee

If you're not fully satisfied, send it back within 30 days for a full refund, even if the package is open!

5. You Won't Even Feel Like You're Wearing It

Over 600,000+ customers have switched to BeltBro, and many have never worn a traditional belt again!

If you're annoyed with buckles poking and jabbing, try BeltBro now for 30 days with no risk!

"No more belt buckles cutting into my fat stomach! Im a big guy and drive for a living. These things are game changing. I can now sit comfortably for hours at a time without the pain of buckles. Why weren’t these things invented years ago!" -Rell

What BeltBro Customers Are Saying..

" I can keep my shorts and pants up comfortably when standing and be perfectly comfortable when sitting. Using BeltBro is like having an elastic waistband in every pair of shorts, jeans, and trousers. Super easy to use. One of the rare finds that truly is a game-changer. Highly recommend!"

Verified Buyer

"The mini belts are the perfect solution! I hate regular belts because again, I'm always in between and either end up putting a new hole in belts or they slip. With this product, I can attach it to any pants with belt loops and boom! Pants fit well around my waist, are never too tight thanks to that extra bit of stretch and my confidence in walking fast or moving and bending in my shorts or pants is solid that I won't have to continuously pull my pants up or shift them around."

Verified Buyer

"If you dislike having belts and their accompanying buckles poking your fat rolls when you sit down, get these nifty little doodads. I put them on my back belt loops instead of the front to avoid poking of afore mentioned fat rolls."

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