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What exactly do I get? 
We want all our customers to experience the full benefits of BeltBro by wearing one on each side. For this reason, each order includes 2 small, 2 medium and 2 large. To be clear, you will only receive 2 of the 3-packs. 

Is BeltBro machine washable?
Although your BeltBro will survive while going through a few accidental laundry cycles, we recommend hand washing for longevity of the fabric.

Can the BeltBro support concealed carry?
The BeltBro Titan was not designed for that purpose. However, it can support the weight of light weight attachments like a knife, cell phone case, etc. We take no liability or responsibility for the misuse of our product.

Should I wear only one, or one on each side? 
Although you can wear only one on one side, we definitely recommend you try wearing one on each side for a more even and secure fit. 

Can I wear my BeltBro through metal detectors?
Yes! The BeltBro contains no metal so no need to take off your belt when going through metal detectors!

What is your refund policy?
If you're unhappy with your BeltBro for any reason, send it back within 30 days for a full refund. We will refund your full purchase including the original cost of shipping, but you will need to pay the shipping cost to send it back to us.


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