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How does the BeltBro fit all sizes?

All pants and shorts with belt loops are spaced differently. Included in your order are (2) small,
(2) medium and (2) large BeltBros for both sides of your pants.

Should I wear a BeltBro on both sides?

One BeltBro works well, but most customers like wearing a BeltBro on both sides.

Can I hang stuff on my BeltBro?

The BeltBro Titan supports light weight attachments, especially when using one BeltBro on each

Is the BeltBro machine washable?

If you accidentally wash it, the BeltBro will be fine.

Why is the BeltBro better than just string or a zip tie?

The BeltBro is made of a soft elastic fiber band with nylon and polyester, integrated into an
industrial strength design. It's a far superior, more fashionable, and more comfortable way to
secure two belt loops together evenly and securely.

How durable is the BeltBro?

It's built rugged and tough, made from the strongest elastic and industrial fastening materials. It
won't let you down or fall off!

What material does the BeltBro use?

The BeltBro is made of extremely durable elastic, nylon and polyester. It's eco-friendly and

What’s your refund policy?

If you’re not completely happy with your order, send it back within 30 days for a full refund, even if the package is opened we will accept it!