BeltBro for Kids Set (Belts for each side)

BeltBro for Kids Set (Belts for each side)

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The BeltBro for Kids is the ultra-light weight way to secure your shorts and pants for those under 175 pounds.

Also great for children over 7 years old and teens under 175 pounds!

If you are over 175 pounds and female, we recommend the BeltBro Strong.

If you are over 175 pouds and male, we recommend the BeltBro Titan.


(2) SMALL (8") 

(2) MEDIUM (12")

(2) LARGE (16") 


The quickest and easiest way to tighten loose fitting pants and shorts.

The patented BeltBro design uses just two belt loops to secure your pants!

Why Use the BeltBro?

If you're annoyed with traditional belts, we highly recommend you try the BeltBro for 30 days!

The BeltBro is an ULTRA light weight belt

• Fits all sizes and weighs less than 10 grams!

• Conveniently attaches between two of your side belt loops

• Patent pending design is the quickest and easiest way to tighten loose fitting clothes!

Why Use the BeltBro?

Do you have baggy clothing, recent weight loss, stomach sensitivity, sit for long periods, have children or hate belts?

Then the BeltBro is for you! :) It's machine washable and weighs less than 10 grams!

The easy to use hook and loop design securely attaches between your two side loops, and fits all sizes.

INCLUDED in the package is (1) SMALL 8", (1) MEDIUM 12" and (1) LARGE 16" BeltBro Original for those under 175 pounds.

The BeltBro fits all sizes of shorts and pants, no matter how big or small you are!

Unlike traditional Belts which irritate your stomach and are hard to take off, the BeltBro attaches to the side of your pants so you don't have to worry about taking it off while using the restroom.

* Hate airport security? No problem! Wear the BeltBro through airport scanners without any hassle.

* Recent weight loss? Finally enjoy your favorite clothing that fits like new again!

* Have kids? They love how easy it is to use the bathroom without having to unbuckle an uncomfortable belt.

* Stomach sensitivity or IBS? If you have a sensitive stomach and get irritated by annoying belts, the BeltBro saves the day! It's the perfect way to secure your pants without an uncomfortable belt pressing against your stomach.

Do you sit for long periods? No worries! The BeltBro allows you to breathe easy and stay comfortable!

Our customers love the BeltBro's patent pending design that is both light weight and comfortable.. and fits all sizes!

The BeltBro was designed for people of all ages and sizes!